Be Elite Baseball Development is a travel organization with age groups 9-18u. Our mission is to develop each player to a high skill set mentally and physically to the next level. We use Rapsodo Technology to help players are get the best data information to succeed. Participants will receive high level instructions with drills, and game like situations to refine their game.

I can’t overstate how much respect I have for Coach Blue and BE Baseball. My older son played for Coach Blue for five years and learned a ton about fundamentals, how to conduct himself as a baseball player, and how to be a good teammate. His love for the game grew exponentially during those years, and the skills he learned set him up to be a varsity baseball player and potentially to play in college. My younger son is now completing his first year in the program and is learning the same things. Coach Blue is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher with incredible expertise in hitting, base running, and outfield play. He runs a tremendous program that emphasizes doing things the right way. – Mike Wilson



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