Utilizing the experience of the staff to help develop and strengthen each players skill in a one on one or small group session. The value to personal lessons is highly recommended. These rates do not apply for Facility instructions.

Joining BE Elite Developmental Program, 6 years ago, was the best decision for our son’s growth as a baseball player. Coach Blue runs his program through a true merit system, where rewards and penalties are determined by performance, respect for the game, and sportsmanship. The BE Elite program has been, without a doubt, critical to my son’s personal growth as a player and athlete. Even now, although not officially on the BE Elite Developmental Program, Blue and my son still train when possible, and Blue continues to help guide him on his athleticism. We will wear the BE Elite caps forever with pride! – Dustin J. Dichoso

Vincent Blue

Hitting and Fielding

30 min.
  • $30
  • $45 for non BE players
  • $60
  • $90 non BE players
Group Session
  • $50 per player

Ryan Johnson


  • $80/hr 1x week
  • $100/hr 2x week
  • Group Sessions: $50/hr/kid

Ashlend Taylor

  • $50/30 min.
  • $80/hour